How can i order?

You can order by our website or by contacting us by e-mail: or by visiting our store at Amman, Jordan

Where do you deliver?

Anywhere! We deliver worldwide.

What is the minimum order?

We don’t actually have a minimum order you can order any quantity you want but all of our wedding invitations are priced for a minimum of a 100 invitations. To get a quote on any quantity please send the products’ links and quantity at

How do i know how many wedding invitations i need?

We prefer if you have a guest list to know the exact number, if not one way of calculating the approximate number  is to dived your guest numbers by 2 and add 10-20 cards just in case you need any extras. for example 250 guest (250/2)+15=140 cards.

What are your payment methods?

    PayPal, Western union, bank transfer or you can send a friend/relative to make cash payment in store.

Do you have any other questions? ask us at

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